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Update on NEW UU fellowship in Taupo, New Zealand

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

A new UU fellowship initiative has started in Taupo, New Zealand!

The Taupo UU Community Gathering is meeting in the local Kinloch Community Hall

2 Mata Place, Kinloch, Taupo

*Taupo UU Community Gatherings In-person Services featuring readings and songs/chants/prayers from various faith traditions on common themes: (held at Kinloch community hall for 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month, 7:30-9pm)

Please contact Rev. Sally Mabelle and do let us know if you’re planning to visit.

Update from Rev. Sally Mabelle of Taupo UU Community: December 2021- March 2022:

  • 5th December - After seven years of interfaith study and four years of leading monthly and seasonal interfaith dances of universal peace for Auckland Unitarians, Sally Mabelle was ordained as interfaith minister (cherag) in the ‘Universalist Church of All’ by Sufi Ruhaniat International and registered marriage celebrant in New Zealand. Before moving to Taupo, NZ from Auckland, she led an ‘Interfaith celebration of Human Rights Day on 8th December for Auckland Unitarians for Peace and Social Justice with Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Sikh, and our AUC minister, Clay Nelson sharing their different faith perspectives on human rights. This special service was inspired by Shirin Caldwell of the Auckland Unitarian PSJ committee, who leads the Auckland Unitarians’ letter-writing campaigns for Amnesty International.

  • 19th December - The Taupo UU’s first gathering, a Summer Solstice Celebration was held outdoors and on zoom and was with 15 participants in Taupo, with beautiful weather followed by a fellowship picnic. (see photos attached)

  • 23rd Jan - led service and gave talk on ‘Unitarian Mysticism as Activism’ on zoom from Taupo UU for Auckland Unitarians - based on UUA course ‘Spirit in Practice’ - script, video, and hymns

  • 21st Feb: Unity in Diversity

  • 7 March: Multi-faith perspectives on Protection, Safety, Refuge

  • 21st March: Autumn Equinox - readings and songs on ‘Balance’

  • 4th April: Songs, chants of universal peace, and interfaith scriptural readings on ‘Mercy and Compassion’

  • 18th April: ‘Christian Kirtan’ featuring Aramaic and Hebrew as well as English chants based on Easter theme For UU hymns and interfaith chants, see Follow us on our FB page at

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