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Taupo NZ Update

Sally Maybelle reports: We are grateful that the ANZUUA board has approved a $400 grant from towards paying our rent at the local community hall in 2022. We have so far held five gatherings and have spread the word largely through local Facebook groups. Thanks to Connie Gibbons for bringing Paula Morelli and I together for a zoom meeting a couple weeks ago, sharing ideas and support for our respective fellowships. We have adopted as our current working motto inspired by Connie's recent talk on UU elevator pitches: 'One Spirit of Life - No one left behind'

On 1st May, I will be leading Dances of Universal Peace at the Tauhara Retreat Centre in Taupo together with a few others, and The Taupo Fellowship is planning two less formal 'sharing circle' services in May where people will bring a poem, a song, or story to share, as we get to know each other and build our community relationships. I will be sharing too about UU principles, as none of our budding group (averaging 8 participants at a service) had ever heard of UUism before they responded to an invitation to come along. Find the Taupo group

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