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About us


ANZUUA is the co-ordinating and communication organisation for Unitarian Universalist churches and Fellowships across Australian and New Zealand. ANZUUA's goals include assisting the founding and growth of congregations and fellowships in Australia and New Zealand and raising the awareness and public identity of U/Uism in the region. 


ANZUUA, previously known as ANZUA before the Universalist link was added, was established in 1974 to succeed the Australian Assembly of Unitarian and Liberal Christian Churches.  Three Australian Unitarian churches (Adelaide, Sydney, and Melbourne) were founded in the 1850s and the Auckland church in New Zealand was founded in 1897. Fellowships in other locations have been formed since in New Zealand (Blenheim, Nelson, Wellington and Christchurch) and Australia (Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and a second congregation in Sydney). Total membership across Australia and New Zealand is around 450.

ANZUUA publishes a  monthly newsletter, and previously published a quarterly journal, The Quest, with material of interest to member congregations and the broader community. Links to both can be found under the Publications page on this website. Many  member congregations also publish their own journals and newsletters as well as maintaining social media sites etc. Examples of well known outreach include the Melbourne Unitarian Peace Memorial Church monthly journal, The Beacon, published since the 1930's, while the Melbourne church has a long running radio show.


ANZUUA organise a conference every second year to provide a venue for people to meet, share ideas and report on initiatives that could be of interest to others, as well as holding the ANZUUA  General Meeting to elect a new management committee for the following two years.

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