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ANZUUA Statement on the Middle East

The following statement has been circulated to our congregations, and following feedback, has been ratified by the ANZUUA committee and forwarded to Penny Wong, the Australian minister for Foreign Affairs and leader of the Government in the Australian Senate.


The congregations represented by ANZUUA have both a social justice obligation and a spiritual commitment to peace and therefore call out injustice and to stand for human rights for all.


ANZUUA therefore, condemns

a)    the slaughter of Israeli citizens on October 7,

b)    the outrageous destruction of infrastructure in Gaza, and

c)    the excessive bombardment of Gaza that has resulted in significant harm and deaths to innocent Palestinian civilians, international and local aid workers, UN representatives and journalists.


ANZUUA recognises that successive western governments have failed middle eastern peoples by dishonouring past commitments to Arab leaders, and by condemning Hamas atrocities, while failing to adequately address the unacceptable killing of civilians by Israel.


ANZUUA congregations join with the ANZUUA committee in a call for governments to support efforts for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza, to contribute to a massive process of humanitarian relief, and to play an active role in seeking a long-lasting solution that includes the elected representatives of Palestinians. We recognise that in negotiations this will require Hamas to give up its objective of destroying Israel and will require Israel to stop settlements on Palestinian land, and to relinquish occupied lands to enable a contiguous and viable Palestinian state to be created.


ANZUUA have donated A$500 to Médecins Sans Frontières in Australia as an act of support for all the victims in this conflict.


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